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NAME: Draeven "Hitokage"
SEX: Male
AGE: Turned at 17, True Age Unknown
EYES: Unknown
HAIR: Black
MISC: He is known and respected among his kind as the best of the Catchers. All who have met him (and are still able to speak) have said that he is a ruthless, mysterious demon who will stop at nothing to get his job done. The only demons he seems willing to talk to are Munashii and his Boss. And as Munashii puts it, Draeven got "boring" once he joined the Catchers. No one has ever seen his eyes, he keeps them hidden behind his hair at all times for reasons unknown, though it is said that the eyes are a window to the soul....

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NAME: Munashii
SEX: Male
AGE: Turned at 16, True Age Unknown
EYES: Yellow
HAIR: Dark Brown
MISC: Munashii is a laid-back and fun-loving demon (who knew there were such things). Although he doesn't look it, he is older than Draeven and be-friended him when he first turned. He doesn't use his powers often (except to phase through doors and to float the T.V. remote to himself) and not much is known about his true demon form. He has gotten several offers from the Catchers in his "lifetime" but has turned them all down.

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NAME: Kemuri "Gunsmoke"
SEX: Male
AGE: 18 (?)
EYES: Left Green, Right Red
HAIR: Light Gray
MISC: Kemuri is regarded as the last true living slayer. Ever since birth he was put through the most extensive training to become the perfect slayer. He has a scar on either side of his neck; who or what gave him the scar is unknown. His gun, the "Black Window", is the only weapon he uses and although it is small, it packs a punch. In his time of a slayer, he has killed over 200 demons, enough to earn him the highest reward for Catchers. The only one to escape from him alive was Draeven and visa versa.

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NAME: The Boss (a.k.a. Mr. Glowy Eyes)
SEX: Male
EYES: Glowy
HAIR: Unknown
MISC: The Boss is Draeven's superior and takes care of all of his missions as a Catcher. He seems to favor Draeven above all of his other Catchers and has gotten him out of a lot of trouble. Other than the fact that he likes to appear in basements of run-down houses, not a lot is known about The Boss, not even Draeven has seen what he really looks like.